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Monitor your business anytime & anywhere

Securing your business should be your top priority. This would help protect not only your investment, but also the people who keep your business alive.



of businesses victimized by theft and other crimes in 2014 to 2015 did not have the necessary security equipment in place




Secure Watch 365 is a highly acclaimed security equipment that’s able to combine both monitoring and detective controls, which are two of the key elements of security. It is proudly able to drastically minimize security risks so you can keep your business running smoothly. It has these amazing built-in features:

  • Wifi and USB powered connection for real time live feed
  • Full duplex voice interaction
  • Intelligent motion sensors for real time intruder alerts
  • Automatic infrared night-time view
  • HD quality of 720p @ 15fps
  • Great quality video compression

 Some of the businesses we help protect:

We’d Love To Hear From You


  1. Mike Phanjoo

    I came across your website and found your security cameras very interesting.
    1. Can we operate these cameras in Mauritius?
    2. How can we become a registered dealer’s representative?
    3. What about the aftersales services in the event the cameras are faulty?
    4. Are there a monthly fees for storage on the icloud?
    5. Is there some training sessions for the installation and monitoring?
    6. Can you send us the products specifications please?

  2. Mike Phanjoo

    Is this product compatible to work in Mauritius?

    How can we become a dealer’s representative?

    What about the after sales service?

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  3. Maurice Griffin

    I ordered 3 cameras on the 5 May 2017 and so far have not recieved them. My order number is SWENSS0000000440could you please advise when I can expect to receive themPayment for them was processed on my credit card on the 5 May 2017.I sent an email to your support email on the 11 June 2017 but have recieved no answer as yet.


    Maurice Griffin
    48 Sawle Road
    Hamilton Hill
    Western Australia
    +61 407427071


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